January 16, 2014

Our precoius Tiger

Yesterday I went to Kristiansand to deliver home Hidalgo. He was very happy to come home.
I brought with me the camera in case someone wanted to be models.
Sonny had not time, he is a happy morning-bird who was high and low. So maybe next time.

But Tiger had time - not so strange - he is so so laidback, just as his mommy.
He has always been a copy of his mommy - so it is a joy every time I can be with him.
Tiger has change alot during his first 2years of living. He is very late - but every time I see him, he is getting better an better in type.
But his sweet,calm and caring personlity has never change.
His 2 years period has been a rollercostar with his eyecolour. Beautiful green as baby - then he had yellow, later again brown. But now he got back his green eyes.

I love this boy so much - just as I love his mother. Both have a special place in my heart.

Tiger got a beautiful mother-line.
I fell in love with grandma-Femme when she was a baby. My wish came true when I got the chance to be owned by her daughter, Milla. And then her son came in to our lifes. 3 beauties!!

January 10, 2014

A bit about the boys

Breeding is alot about plans. Some plans stays, some plans changes, either by us, or the cats.
I have a lot of plans, and hopefully they will stay that way ;-)

We will soon give our big sweetheart Hidalgo a break. He is so easy,friendly and stabil, that he could easy been a neutred by looking at him. ( Unless when he is calling for girls and spraying). But when there is not any tempting girls around him, he is actually a big teddybear. He has never made a hiss to anyone his whole life. Either to other cats or people. He is the blondest cat on earth - and we would never change him.

He has given his sweet and calm temper to his next generation - babies he has also been babysitting. Hidalgo is that kind of cat that can be used for everything.

He has sired his first litter in Nov 13 - and after that he has been buisy and a very popular boy.
During Spring he might get even more babies to be proud of.
3 new litters if everything goes as planned.
Therfor we want to give him a well deserved break with the suprelorin chip.

Spiderman ( and his helper) are having a great Christmas holiday with us ;-)

S*La Bell Dinky Toy is soon ready for girls again and we are looking forward. He is in our plans later this year.

January 4, 2014

1 kitten for sale / 1 kattunge for salg

(N)Attack's Maybe I'm a Leo OSH d is looking for his new home. Ready to go in end of March . PRA N/N . His parents : DE* Oralee Hidalgo OSH n24 & Aliyah Narsil *CZ OSH f .
Pedigree : 

Vi har en gutt igjen i kullet som leter etter et godt og varig hjem.
(N)Attack's Maybe I'm a Leo - rød solid.
Han blir levert med dobbel vaksine,rabies, chip og er ferdig kastrert.
Som kosekatt, eller utstilling om du selv har lyst.
Leveringsklar i slutten av mars - i Kristiansand.

Orientalere er aktive og glade puser som liker å bli sett og hørt. Dem er hjelpsomme og kreative.
Dette endrer seg ikke etterhvert som dem vokser til. Dem vil alltid være noen spiloppmakere.
Leo er svært lik sin mamma, så det er en pratsom og kjærlig gutt.
Han er også en kraftig og stor robust kattunge - så kan hende han blir en stor katt som voksen - der lik sin pappa.

Orientalere trives ikke som alenekatter og det rette hjemmet for han er å ha en kattekompis.
Kattekompisen bør også være av det aktive slaget.

Så leter dere etter et kjærlig familimedlem som liker å dorme i armkroken når dem er gode og trøtte, som er høyt og lavt  når dem er våkne - alt gjort med kjærlighet og humor til sin familie - så kan en orientaler passe veldig godt hos deg.

Leo som vi kaller han til hverdags registreres i NRR og blir levert med stamtavle og helseattest.

Ved interesse er det bare å ta kontakt.
Vi vil gjerne vite litt om deg og dine og hva slags hjem du kan tilby min lille solstråle, så jeg kan finne ut om min lille gutt kan passe godt til ev. dere.