January 10, 2014

A bit about the boys

Breeding is alot about plans. Some plans stays, some plans changes, either by us, or the cats.
I have a lot of plans, and hopefully they will stay that way ;-)

We will soon give our big sweetheart Hidalgo a break. He is so easy,friendly and stabil, that he could easy been a neutred by looking at him. ( Unless when he is calling for girls and spraying). But when there is not any tempting girls around him, he is actually a big teddybear. He has never made a hiss to anyone his whole life. Either to other cats or people. He is the blondest cat on earth - and we would never change him.

He has given his sweet and calm temper to his next generation - babies he has also been babysitting. Hidalgo is that kind of cat that can be used for everything.

He has sired his first litter in Nov 13 - and after that he has been buisy and a very popular boy.
During Spring he might get even more babies to be proud of.
3 new litters if everything goes as planned.
Therfor we want to give him a well deserved break with the suprelorin chip.

Spiderman ( and his helper) are having a great Christmas holiday with us ;-)

S*La Bell Dinky Toy is soon ready for girls again and we are looking forward. He is in our plans later this year.