January 16, 2014

Our precoius Tiger

Yesterday I went to Kristiansand to deliver home Hidalgo. He was very happy to come home.
I brought with me the camera in case someone wanted to be models.
Sonny had not time, he is a happy morning-bird who was high and low. So maybe next time.

But Tiger had time - not so strange - he is so so laidback, just as his mommy.
He has always been a copy of his mommy - so it is a joy every time I can be with him.
Tiger has change alot during his first 2years of living. He is very late - but every time I see him, he is getting better an better in type.
But his sweet,calm and caring personlity has never change.
His 2 years period has been a rollercostar with his eyecolour. Beautiful green as baby - then he had yellow, later again brown. But now he got back his green eyes.

I love this boy so much - just as I love his mother. Both have a special place in my heart.

Tiger got a beautiful mother-line.
I fell in love with grandma-Femme when she was a baby. My wish came true when I got the chance to be owned by her daughter, Milla. And then her son came in to our lifes. 3 beauties!!