August 20, 2012

We love IKEA

Today has been a wonderful and sunny day.
But rainy days will come soon, so we have started to take inside our Spring and Summer stuff from the porch.
I am amazed by my outdoor-curtains, they really survived sun,rain and windy weather. So maby we can use them next season too.
The cats will of course be able to go outside on the porch, but who knows when the first frosty temperatures will come. Think they gladly will sleep around the fireplace instead then.
This is how it looked like in May, it's a bit more empty there today:-)

IKEA is a wonderful place.
Many breeders and pet owners buys little plush rats and  mice for their cats.
We have alot of them too.
Dinky loves to play with them somethimes.

But my cats have another big favorite from IKEA as well,and that is no toys.
Pillows!! The biggest of them all. They are super. Do not cost much,and are easy to put in the washing machine if needet.

My last visit to IKEA made me very happy. Finally they had one of my favorite colours among cushions - orange! I love that colour either it is dark or light. I have a dark livingroom, with dark furnitures in brown and black, the same with my indoor curtains. So I love to put some colours in to it.
(I love apple green too,and found some other at KID as well,but my cats do not like those so much)

So if you want to buy something who will make your cats happy.... well pictures says somethimes more than words :

All my cats loves them,but I think Milla and Dinky loves them most. And the colour fit nicely to them as well :

At the end I just have a couple of bonus pictures of my beloved sweetheart, Milla :

August 10, 2012

Autumn in the air

The Autumn came early this year,but I love this season,when it's sunny.
This week is my  very first holiday week,and the cats love it,when someone is home almost all day long.
At Tuesday me and my son( 12 y) went to Kristiansand and had a lovly day.
A lady in a pearcing studio thought I was the bigsister hehe, so I will live on that sentenses for a long time :-))

We have also made lemonade from the berries in our garden. All homemade food and drink are so good. Some has been giftet away for family and friends as well.

We are waiting for some calling now,and when Ida and Fayette is ready I think Dinky will be very pleased.
In the meanwhile he is running around and doing naughiness with Ida. Ida has really found her soulmate,someone who can keep up with all her energy.

My little flower project outside on the porch did not go so well this year! Some is the weathers fault, but Milla has  taken care of the roses, while Dinky has taken care of my pink flowers. Noone of them are suitable as gartners :-))
The two only plants who are still very alive are a catnip-plant and the catgrass :p

Since I updated the blog last time, I have taken some new photoes. There are too many to be shown all, but here are some  :

Our spoiled princess has her own glass with treats:


And  Dinky who seldom want to cooperate with the camera has his moments. I love this boy so much. He is growing and developing so nice. He is so elegant in every way.

Think him and Ida will be a great combination.