May 5, 2013


Breeding is sometimes one step forward and 2 steps back.
Since our little Bico has his liverproblems, we have decidet to not keep his sister in our breeding programme.
She is 100% healthy, and it was a hard dessision to take.
But I am afraid to get such surprises in the future as well, and maby they will show up - but at least not from this line-combination IF it is because of the combination.
We have checked their mommy, Milla, from nosetip to tailtip,with alot of tests, and she is also 100% healthy. We will soon check their daddy, Dinky too - just in case.  I am pretty sure the combination was not the best, or maby Bico was just one little unlucky boy - in breeding everything can happen ,and sometimes there is no reason for it.
But one thing is at least good. Bico is much much better after we found out his problems,and he is eating his special kidney-liver food. We hope he will have a longer life ahead of him, even the prognosis said something else.

After all the checks and tests has been done, we will make other plans for Dinky later - but not before 2013. He has so many great breedingqualitees and I love that boy so much.

The kittens we planned for Spring has to wait a little.
The girls has been put on birthcontroll pills ( normally we don't use that on our girls), and Tiger is  begging me to stop giving them :-))
But my own health has not been 100% this Winter. But I am dreaming of little paws running around in the livingroom ,so I hope we have kittens here instead in the Autumn.