August 29, 2015

Our little babies and some news about the girls

It has been a while since I have made any updates about our babies, but alot has happened since.

Misty gave birth to 5 babies, and lost 4 of them during the next 24 hours.
A remaining strong babyboy was left. He grew normally his first week.

Then Nikita got her 5 babies during 2 days.
I was so happy about them, especially for the two firstborn girls. A cinnamonspottet bico and a chocolatespottet bico girl.
But all the sadness was not over - it was just the beginning.
Day 3 after birth Nikita gave birth to a 185g big dead kitten! The kitten nr 6. It must have died someplace between day 1 and day 2, and was swollen up.
I found the baby on the bedroomfloor, a terrible moment it is hard to forget.
One thing is for sure, when Nikita will have another litter in future, we will defently have oxytocin shots in our home for her. Never a birth like this again with all that happend after.

I heard after it was just a miracle that Nikita did not get sick, even almost died because  the big dead baby was quite toxic.

Breeding is lots of ups and lots of downs, you never know from time to time, thankfully for that!
Because my nightmare was not over.
Misty had hardly enough milk this time, so she was not the best milkbar-helper in this case.
Because of the dead baby, Nikitas milkbar got toxic as well.
We did all we could to save the babies, but the two firstborn girls and their brother flew to heaven one by one.
It is just so sad and feels so unfair. They should have been 11 happy  babies running around us now.

Misty's boy did also drink from Nikita and did not gain anything on his own anymore.
So I feed day day and night and was  crossing fingers so hard.
One of Nikitas remaining babygirls needet also help, and one never needet any help at all.

But this week they started to eat solid food on their own. Earlier they were fed with a syringe, first only goatmilk, then also Hills AD when they was 3 weeks old.
I had tears in my eyes, I was so happy. All the struggle, and fighting against mother nature - and it seems we won this battle!

Now they are running around in our new kittenrun in the kitchen, using their litterboxes, eating and growing , and I can rest and use my energy only on couddling and kissing them.
I love them so much.

Nikitas girls are fawnspotted with white and lilacspottet with white.
Not my favorite colours, but I don't care. Both will probably stay in our breeding programme.

Misty's little boy is a redtabby SYS I think, can also be creme. He is of course also staying in our breeding programme.

We can not easily let any of these kitten go in a hurry after all we have been trough together all these terrible weeks.

Nikitas big girl : Attack's Daydreamer

Misty's boy , Attack's Kichiro :

Nikitas smaller babygirl together with her sister. She will be named Attack's Dreamcatcher - so these two girls are the dreamteam <3

We all love our new kittenrun from Animal-Nursery in Germany :

At the moment are Misty calling, so she is not with them until she is silent again.So afraid that Nikita will start too then.  So "auntie Mercy" is helping out with cosy company :

Cookie sees lots of temping food - she is a food-adictic puppy :D She did not like this plexi-run . Not puppy friendly at all!

Then we have some news about two oriental girls.

Mercy's sister, Secret Fantasy moved yesterday to Arendal.
There she will be having a forever home together with a new family, 2 new cats and 1 dog. She will be staying there as a host cat.
She loved her new mommy right away, so did our GSD boy King - he is very picky about who he likes, so listen to the animals :-)

We have also a "new lady" with us. (N) Attack's Flame of Love
Ozzie and Dinky's babygirl who was born here last year. You do remember the two colourful sisters?
She moved to Sweden. But they lost her best furry friend and she did not thrive after that.
Her 2.legged family was not ready for a new catfriend for her right now.
So she is back with us.
It takes some time to go back in to the catgroup, especially since there is two dogs here to now. So she has toilet,food and water upstairs in my bedroom. The door is open, so she can walk up and down when she wants :-)
She will be mated with Leo when she starts calling.
She has developed in to a amazing girl.
Her body is just muscles - just like her daddy. She is so elegant, and she got wonderful green eyes as well. And she got her mommy's voice and personality.

It will not be weekly updates about the babies this time.
You have read now about their hard first weeks.
I will have an operation in my left hand during next week, so my hand need some rest after.
But suddely I will be back with more updates again.

August 21, 2015

Our spotty-Stitch

(N) Attack's Hazed and Confused - called Stitch at home , moved to his host-home when he was 3 month old. There he is living with our other stud Leo.
I haven't seen him since ,  because of the Summerholidays.
But on Tuesday he came on visit - just so I could see him and make new pictures of him.
It was so fun to see him again, and oh my what he has grown! He had huge paws as a baby, and we did asume he will be a big boy like his daddy.
But I was not preperad when he came. He has already the same size as Nikita, his auntie. And Nikita is a big girl. Stitch is only 6 month old - so he is not going in his fathers pawsteps, but in his grandpa's pawsteps. He is so much alike his grandpa as well , like a mini-version of Hidalgo.
Stitch got a much better chin, is more warm in his colour. Hidalgo got a stronger head and earplacement , but his grandson is not done growing or developing.
He is also as cool and relaxed as his father and grandpa. And he is a lovemagnet - passed on to the third generation.
He came in to our home, and all our cats did welcome him. Not a hiss to him or from him.

He went happy home again to Kristiansand the day after.
He is probably already fertile, if not it can happen any time.  He did fell in love with Mercy, so we are happy he lives in another place, far away from tempting girls.

I made of course alot of pictures of him. Thankfully he is easier to make pictures of now, than back in his early kittenperiod. But he still place his ears in Stitch-possision :D

First an old picture of his grandpha . Hidalgo , and then his "little" copy.

And now the mini-version :

Not decidet yet, who will be his girlfriend yet. Maybe his blue love, Mercy, would be a good choice?
Time will tell.

During the weekend something a bit unexpected will happen, but I am really looking forward for it.
Just give us some days, and then you can read it in our blog. It says meow and it is very colourful;-)

August 8, 2015

Welcome to Norway

I have had a dream for a long long time - actually for many years.
Here in Europe the oriental and siamese cats are a bit extreme in their type - not all of them, but many.
I love the modern type of this breed.
But I do also love another type of them - the American CFA siamese cats. They don't have the same extreme head or earset, but they have something very exclusive nowadays.
Another type of elegance, the beautiful contrasts between the bodycolour and their point, and beautiful eyecolour.
That is very important elements to bring more of in to our breedingprogramme.
I have said for many years that one day I want to have an American beauty, in seal, my favorite colour.
And now my dream is real.
Me and Carolynn has kept our American boy as a secret for a long time, but finally all the waiting is over, and now is our little man home with us in Norway.

Welcome to San-Toy Voyagar of Attacks.
We will call him "Sushi" at home.
Sushi is a big and elegant boy, with an almost white body and amazing blue eyes. His temper is also wonderful.

He will stay a time with us and the girls, but will later move to Carolynn and the boys.
Right now we have perfect playmates for him . Mercy and Fantasy , even they think he is a bit strange, because they have never seen a siamese before ;-)

We are forever greatful to his breeders in California who are willing to share their lines and help our oriental breeding programme, by giving us this  treasure.
Because sadly many pure siamese breeders in Europe don't want to share their lines with the orientals.

Our San-Toy boy will of course first enjoy his childhood, but we are very courious about the future.

So thank you so much Dee and Connie for trusting us this cool and laidback boy.
A bit contrasts to the duracell tortie you got from us :D

I made the other day some new pictures of our bico sisters, Mercy and Fantasy.
Both of them are still having their beautiful green eyes.
Fantasy is the happy sweetheart that has always time to kiss and couddle, and never seems to get enough. She is our softspot.
Mercy is still big and clumsy, mommys girl for sure, with a touch of tortietude.
She is developing in to a girly copy of Tiger. Tiger look so much alike his mommy ,so no wonder why Mercy is so special for me.