August 8, 2015

Welcome to Norway

I have had a dream for a long long time - actually for many years.
Here in Europe the oriental and siamese cats are a bit extreme in their type - not all of them, but many.
I love the modern type of this breed.
But I do also love another type of them - the American CFA siamese cats. They don't have the same extreme head or earset, but they have something very exclusive nowadays.
Another type of elegance, the beautiful contrasts between the bodycolour and their point, and beautiful eyecolour.
That is very important elements to bring more of in to our breedingprogramme.
I have said for many years that one day I want to have an American beauty, in seal, my favorite colour.
And now my dream is real.
Me and Carolynn has kept our American boy as a secret for a long time, but finally all the waiting is over, and now is our little man home with us in Norway.

Welcome to San-Toy Voyagar of Attacks.
We will call him "Sushi" at home.
Sushi is a big and elegant boy, with an almost white body and amazing blue eyes. His temper is also wonderful.

He will stay a time with us and the girls, but will later move to Carolynn and the boys.
Right now we have perfect playmates for him . Mercy and Fantasy , even they think he is a bit strange, because they have never seen a siamese before ;-)

We are forever greatful to his breeders in California who are willing to share their lines and help our oriental breeding programme, by giving us this  treasure.
Because sadly many pure siamese breeders in Europe don't want to share their lines with the orientals.

Our San-Toy boy will of course first enjoy his childhood, but we are very courious about the future.

So thank you so much Dee and Connie for trusting us this cool and laidback boy.
A bit contrasts to the duracell tortie you got from us :D

I made the other day some new pictures of our bico sisters, Mercy and Fantasy.
Both of them are still having their beautiful green eyes.
Fantasy is the happy sweetheart that has always time to kiss and couddle, and never seems to get enough. She is our softspot.
Mercy is still big and clumsy, mommys girl for sure, with a touch of tortietude.
She is developing in to a girly copy of Tiger. Tiger look so much alike his mommy ,so no wonder why Mercy is so special for me.