August 21, 2015

Our spotty-Stitch

(N) Attack's Hazed and Confused - called Stitch at home , moved to his host-home when he was 3 month old. There he is living with our other stud Leo.
I haven't seen him since ,  because of the Summerholidays.
But on Tuesday he came on visit - just so I could see him and make new pictures of him.
It was so fun to see him again, and oh my what he has grown! He had huge paws as a baby, and we did asume he will be a big boy like his daddy.
But I was not preperad when he came. He has already the same size as Nikita, his auntie. And Nikita is a big girl. Stitch is only 6 month old - so he is not going in his fathers pawsteps, but in his grandpa's pawsteps. He is so much alike his grandpa as well , like a mini-version of Hidalgo.
Stitch got a much better chin, is more warm in his colour. Hidalgo got a stronger head and earplacement , but his grandson is not done growing or developing.
He is also as cool and relaxed as his father and grandpa. And he is a lovemagnet - passed on to the third generation.
He came in to our home, and all our cats did welcome him. Not a hiss to him or from him.

He went happy home again to Kristiansand the day after.
He is probably already fertile, if not it can happen any time.  He did fell in love with Mercy, so we are happy he lives in another place, far away from tempting girls.

I made of course alot of pictures of him. Thankfully he is easier to make pictures of now, than back in his early kittenperiod. But he still place his ears in Stitch-possision :D

First an old picture of his grandpha . Hidalgo , and then his "little" copy.

And now the mini-version :

Not decidet yet, who will be his girlfriend yet. Maybe his blue love, Mercy, would be a good choice?
Time will tell.

During the weekend something a bit unexpected will happen, but I am really looking forward for it.
Just give us some days, and then you can read it in our blog. It says meow and it is very colourful;-)