February 19, 2012

6 weeks old

Yesterday our babies were 6 weeks old.
They are running freely in the kitchen now and are very happy for more space.

I think Fayette is still serving them cream in her milkbar,because Fetisha has still no plans of eating on her own - but I have started to feed her a little with Hills AD from a syringe and she really loves it. But to eat on her own? No thanks:-)

We got also back 2 out of 3 PRA tests from Australia and are very pleased with the result.
Ultimate Sin is N/N and Voodoo Dancer is a carrier.
Hopfully Fetisha's test will come next week.

And now has the true colour came on Ultimate Sin. It has been a very interesting colouring-journy these weeks. From blue to seal,back to blue and now we are pretty much sure.
Sealpointed-smoke. So he will be avalible for a forever pet home.

Voodoo Dancer is getting more and more alike his American-mother line, and I love those types of cats.

All 3 of them loves people very much.

And todays bonus picture :