July 18, 2017

Our youngsters are growing up to beautiful ladies.

It has been a while since I have been updating about Pepsi and Stella.
Pepsi is now 8 month old and Stella is 7 month old.
Since Pepsi arrived she joined the litter after Tiger and Dotty.
We decidet to keep Stella back then, and they became best friends in few days.

Stella has big relatives, and noone think she is still a kitten,  because she is growing and growing.
She has still her beautiful green eyes and her lovley spots.
Sometimes she talkes a bit, but most of the time she is a silent and very friendly girl.

Pepsi is getting more and more red colouring in her fur and she has still her beautiful shiny green eyes.
We were actually a bit worry about her a period, because she was just arms and legs, so thin, so she has been checked by our city Vets from top to toe with a bloodsample as well.
They found out she is complitly healthy, she has just so much energi and are high and low like a duracell bunny with an apetite like a horse!
She is high on legs and very elegant, and such a sweety.

They make a great team - it's a joy to have them.

Stella who looks so much like her daddy ( and grandma). Noone is perfect, but I love her so much.

Lol. The bone was discovered after the pictures were taken,

And Pepsi - looks a bit evil and naughy for sure. She is not evil at all, but  naughty - yes!