October 9, 2010

8 weeks old

Alot has happen the last week. The kittens have now the whole first floor to run an play,and they love it.
They are also spending some time on the porch when the sun is high.
Their personalities has started to develop and it seems like Urban and Charmed are more like their mother - Hagia in temper- happy monkies that are high and low.
At the moment are Moonlight and Devils Daughter more like their father, Moony. Calm and sweet.

I was the whole time thinking I wanted to keep the girl,but this week I have change my mind.
He is my dream boy, by type - a wannabe-American siamese.
There is a home that are waiting for him, hopfully,but first he will give us some kittens in future if everything turns out well.

The kittens parents will both be neutred soon,so I had to keep something:-)

Urban has also developed very nicly the last week. And so has Devils Daughter. Moonlight is still in his "funny age",and har hard to get corectly on pictures. So this combination was very interesting to do. I hope its contiune this way. It is better when the type need to develop,than development that stop too soon.

Devils Daughter
Urban Gothic