October 19, 2018

Babies have left my home.

Yesterday the  babies moved to Kristiansand, to Carolynn and the feline boys.
Our big and gentle sweetheart, Tiger did welcome the 5 kittens with open paws.
Back home it is very very silent. No more naughtiness for a while.
Poor auntie Mocha is very sad that " her babies" is all gone.

Rocketman and Geisha Girl will be the first kitten leave for their forever homes.
Rocketman will move to the North of Norway, actually to the same home our Fantasy moved in to, a short while ago. We are so happy for that. He will be a very spoiled and happy little boy with lots of love from 2 and 4-legged.
Geisha Girl will move to Zivas daughter, and will have 3 2-legged kids to boss around as well.  So that girl will we see more of in the future , as she is part of our breeding programme.  She will also have a great forever home.

Pepsi's triplet will stay a bit longer in Kristiansand.
In a while, Firecracker will move back home to us.

Last week, they went to the Vet for their very first time.
They were so exited to drive car, and everyhting went super. They were health checked, got vaccines and ID micro chip.

We are back in building with carpenters around us, so  not a spare moment to make nice weekly pics of the babies the last week before they left. They were all more interested in watching them, then watching me and my camera.
But we have pics from the week before.
We are so pleased with all 5 .






This was all for now, about the 5 kittens.
I am hoping for some pics from Kristansand while they are staying there.
We have more exiting news , but this was all for now.