April 21, 2014

5 weeks old charmers

The Easter is soon at its end, and it has been some lovely days.
Sunny weather, good friends and happy cats and kittens. 

Everything is super with both our litters.
In the oldest litter 2 of the kittens has started to eat a little, but the rest of them has enough with Divas cream bar.
If Diva was a human she coud easy delivered milk at hosptials! I have had many good catmothers, but she is the new record when it comes to the milk producing.
They are all huge, between 650-700 gram. A very nice size. They remind me of something else than elegant adult sia and osh :-))

The oldest litter has also moved in to the kitchen were they are in toilet training. It was a real mess the first days, but they learn very fast.
So maybe by the end of next week, they are free to run wherever they want in the kitchen with a litterbox in every corner ;-)

Our kittens are now old enough to look for their new homes, so if you are interested in any of them, don't hesitate to email us. We have some interests, but we have not made any decission.
Tell a bit about yourself - it's a good start. 

The smallest litter is 1 w old on Tuesday.
All of them are got strong lungs - no wonder with red and torties. The calmest is the blackspottet boy. Oh ,well, I am not sure about his pattern, he might be classic as well. Time will show.
I will make single pictures of them during this week.

Our wonderful Misty is also doing great.
It is not easy moving in to a new home as an adult with lots of mommy-hormones in the house.
Now are both Diva and Ozzie buisy with their babies, so she and Milla are my princess's who are sleeping with me - my 2 favorite "bed bugs".
We are hoping for little Misty babies during the Summer:-)