April 4, 2014

3 weeks old on late Sunday.

Another week is with its end, and during Sunday night our babies will turn 3 weeks old.
I am so in love with everyone of them and they are changing alot day by day.
Diva has finally stoped beeing so overprotected, so now I am able to pick them of for a bit longer photoshoots and of course give them alot of kisses.

I am still amazed over Diva. She is so fantastic. Of course her body shows she has 6 milkbabies,but she is eating good and producing cream.
Her meals included alot of wetfood to keep up her super milkproduction. But if course she don't want to eat the food I think is best for her. So we are hiding nutri-gel in her wetfood, so she  gets extra calories. Beside she eats quality dry food.

We had had a buisy week.
I have also beeing with Hidalgo by train. He was a funny view for the other passangers with his diaper on.

We have also a funny update about Tia. She is superfriends with her 2 new little girls in her humanfamily. They loves to bath and so does she!! Yes, you did read it right.
A strange gene from Hidalgo ;-)

And our precious sweethearts.
The siameses are finally 100% tabby, but the colour was yesterday still lilac, but today it was chocolate. So maybe we will find it out next week?

We have soon their names ready, but we have to wait to see their personalites. We will run a theme again.

The girls.

The sia girl .

This girl looks at the moment most like her mommy, Diva , when she was a baby. A very feminin and girly baby.

And her lilac sister :

The boys.

Oh my, I am feeling a bit closer to my neuter cattery everyday. In all litters where there is born boys, they all run very fast in to my heart.

The bluespotted boy is so much alike his uncle Tiger :

The lilac :

And the siamese :

The lilac OSH boy is for sale.
As  showneuter in Norway ( or as pet if you like) or as a future stud in a small cattery outside of Norway.
The other babies are on option.