November 26, 2010

The first single-pictures of my "Beatles" litter

This litter is half American on both sides of the pedigree,and I am very exited to follow the developing of this litter. Both parents has amazing eyecolor,very elegant and have super temperament.
Father to this litter is Shagio-Chen Moon Sparkle SYS e, a very laidback and sweet boy.
Mother is my precious (N)Attack's Maidens Blush SIA a who are extremly talkactive and a purring little monster I am proud to have breed in the past.
The pedigree of the litter will be published later,when my internet at home is working again.

The kittens was born in under 1 hour,and Maiden has proven to be a exellent mother. She loves her babies dearly and have her milkbar open for them 24/7.
The boys are the smallest in the litter,but is growing very well.
I think there is only one kitten that at the moment that have a more similar personality from their father,the rest are like their mother. But of course that can change.
4 out of 5 kittens have much to talk about allready:-)

The boys 13 days old :


Please Please Me

The girls 13 days old:

Sexy Sadie


Penny Lane