August 24, 2014

Visiting Tia and a new home for Fire and Ice

Today we drove a trip to Stavanger to visit Tia - one of our girls from the November litter between Hidalgo and Ozzie.
It was a joy to see her again. She has grown in to a very big and elegant girl with a shiny coat.
Very much alike her daddy in looks and many of the funny facs from her mommy.
Tia is now 10 month old ,so we have made early plans for her.
Sonny is visiting Tia now, and when she is calling we will see how it goes - it will be very exiting.
I love torties very much - so we are of course hoping for alot of girls ;-)

Tia was not so very impressed about Sonny, but I am sure she will change her mind when she starts to call.

Fire and Ice - our little red bico boy from April moved also today.
Exiting and happy new girlfriends as you can see.
He did also take a bath in the toilet -  it must be a first time for everything.... so then he had his first bath in the sink after to get all clean again :-)

Not so much to tell this time - but we will update our blog again when (N) Attack's ICandy has moved to his new home.