September 3, 2014

Catshow and bye bye to ICandy.

Last weekend with our dearest and sweet Icandy - son of Hidalgo and Diva - brother of Jimmy and Nikita. Now he lives in Finland with Hanna Kekkonen.

Yes!! You did read it right.
We have been at a catshow ;-) Not with just a quick visit - we spent a whole day there...... with cats.

I do not show much for many reasons.
The days are so long - I like to spend my weekends in a totally different way.
If shows could last just half the time it would be a bit better.
And many other reasons as well, but shall not be told about today :-)

Some very sweet people in the club asked us if we could come. Hmmm, I was not actually so thrilled about the whole idea.
Carolynn was  oh yes, come on - you could show this one and that one :-)
Since we were expecting Icandy's new owner that weekend - a person who loves catshows I agreed on to go.
We decidet 1 day was enough - also because we had other plans on Sunday.

At Friday I took the train to Kristiansand.
Icandy's new owner had allready arrived.
Carolynn and Hanna was at the Vet to get him health checked a very last time , and few hours later we were all together.

Hanna is a real catmagnet and all the cats fell in love with her both in Kristiansand and in Eiken  - love at first sight.
We have very outgoing and friendly cats, so it would felt strange if they were ignoring her. But thankfully SIA and OSH don't know what ingoring are ,they are just courius - hello - who are you!!

Friday was spent couddling with the cats.Milla, Hidalgo, Diva, Jimmy, Nikita and Icandy. And also Sunrise Crush.
(Sonny was at the time still on dating visit with Tia in Stavanger.)
We eat sushi from Sabi and it tasted just wonderful.

Hannas photo.

Saturday came, and 3 very tired ladies went to the show.
Along with us : Milla, Hidalgo and Jimmy,Nikita and Icandy.
All of them on show for the very first time.

Thank you Kirsten and  Jarl for letting us borrow one of your nice show curtains.

Milla was so sweet and it is really no problem to bring her along another time later.
Hidalgo really enjoyed it - but he loves to come along us everywhere. He is sooooo laidback and cool.
All the siblings was together as a litter, and we choose to show Nikita and Icandy individual too.

The jugdes was really great. So friendly to both owners and cats, and we got very nice papers from them.

I just love this picture - I think Milla has a jugdement on the jugde as well :D

Milla again - my precious:

Hidalgo our cool guy - and yey!! He became BIS neuter male!

Hidalgo was also 2 years old on Saturday - and no birthday without a cake!

The babies was so good at the show. Happy,playful and trusting.
Nikita and ICandy got very nice feedback.
The jugde could not find any faults at all with Icandy - everything was very correct on him. From head to tail. Profile,eyecolour,eyeshape,coat and colour + + + That was the best feedback we could ever dreamed of. We are very exiting how he will develop.
Nikita who was with another jugde got also super feedback.
Future looks bright for both of them.
Nikita got also a NOM, and the jugde ICandy was with, was sad he could not give him a NOM. There was another very beautiful kitten there too. But that is totally ok. The little kitten who won is just amazing.
But we got BIS- litter - with pleasure for their look,their temper and health.

Between the jugdement it was nice to have grandma and daddy to take a powernap with :

Hannas photo.

In the evening we went out for dinner with friends, and a short visit on a pub after.
But after a long day it was nice to go home again to Carolynn.
Sunday was spent in Eiken with dinner at the hotell. A short visit for Hanna in my home to also see our little torties and Tiger.
And we must not forget little Batman, the little housecat we were babysitting for a friend who help homeless cats.

Time flies in good company, and sudden Hanna and Carolynn had to  drive back to Kristiansand to pick up ICandy and head on to the airport.

I wish Hanna all the best with Icandy ( Gollum ), and we are very exited what the future will bring.
Good luck in Finland our sweetheart - now you are a part of FI*Keskimaan
Thank you also for all the help this weekend, Hanna. Hope to see you again many times in the future :-)