September 16, 2014

Our sweetheart, Nikita is growing

In March our dilution OSH babies were born , along with 2 choc.tabby siamese babies.
Tomorrow they are actually 6 month old.

We are so pleased with all 6 of them, and so are the new owners as well. Super outgoing and friendly.

Since Nikita is living with us, the camera is often active. And my little girl, who is not so little anylonger - she is the born model ;.)
She is changing day by day. I have always tought she was so much alike her grandmother, Milla - but maybe it is the colour who confuses a bit?
She has become very much alike her uncle Tiger as well.
I don't see anything from her mother or father. Oh, well, she got the same intense eyecolour as her mother - they almost shines in the dark - it's so beautiful.

We are very exiting about her development, and we are looking very much for her breeding plans next Spring/Summer.

The cats has lazy days, and love the little rest of Summer. Sunbathing out on the porch.
Tiger is visiting us for a while, and noone of us have any problem with that - Tiger is our special special darling. He don't mind to stay here either. He has 2 little favorite girls in my home right now - and that is the two little bico torties.

Milla has started to produce milk again, for her granddaughter, Nikita and the two little torties.

Jimmy - Nikitas brother has started to get interested in the oposite sex. He is not fertile yet, but we think actually it will not take a whole year. His grandfather, Dinky was also very early - so ? We will probably "wrap" Misty in a beautiful giftpaper and give her to Jimmy when he is ready ;-)

Tomorrow me and Carolynn will deliver the last kitten in our Bico litter to his new home.
(N) Attack's Sunrise Crush will move to a bengal cat and a horse, and a new mommy and daddy.
Actully it is not so far away from my home.

We have some kitten plans ready for both Tia and Misty - so maybe some new little babies will see the daylight in 2014 - if not there will be a babyboom in our cattery in 2015. We makes the plans, and the cats complete them if they agrees - the nature law ;-)

In week 39 I will take a little holiday.
I did only have 2 w with holiday during Summer. I am really looking forward for it.
Last time we did visit Yvonne and Kajsa in Sweden, and this time we will also be visiting some other breeder friends :-)
The camera will come along, so my blog will be filled with holiday when I am back home again.