December 4, 2016

Our very frist CFA siamese babies are finally here.

After the last kittens were born this Spring it is nice to have little babies again in our bedroom.
It has been ages since there were only pointed on their way, and to make it even more special - first time ever pure CFA siamese babies.
The proud parents, Charlie and Ziva made a fab work.
We did expect the babies to arrive around 18th of November. Then Ziva was on day 65.
Ziva is not a big girl and she is super elegant. As she started growing, I was actually not sure what to expect. She grew slowly. The last weeks her belly started to look very pregnant,and I was guessing about 3babies, maybe 4 - because she'd carry her belly the same on both left and right side.

And finally the waiting was over. Carolynn came visiting to look after Ziva while I was at work.
I said to Ziva for fun - keep the babies in there until I come home from work - I want to be there too, to welcome the newbies.
Ziva took my wish very serious and didn't give birth to the first baby before it was in the middle of the night.
Then a beautiful big boy was born.
We knew there were more in her belly, but Ziva has not more plans to have more babies.
So I went to sleep, and Carolynn went to my bed with one eye open.

The next day nothing happened. Ziva was very happy for her baby.  In the middle of the day I had to go to my workshift and was crossing fingers so hard, that I might was lucky to be there when the next baby/babies arrived too.

And yes. I came home from work, and the situation was still the same.
Ziva has such an calm personality, stress is nothing that she knows about.
In the middle of the night again , 24 h after the first kitten was born and there were still no sight on more babies, I got a little stressed.
But then..... almost 30h after the first born came, she started to push again.
And a good time later another beautiful big baby boy was born.

Both boys weight 110g each. Big, but not too big if you mate to European siamese or oriental cats.
But the American lines has often smaller weights at birth.
So then one was born on Saturday and the other boy on Sunday.

I was just a bit tired when I had to rush for work later that Sunday , with 2h of sleep.

At the moment we have no special names on them , we just call them Saturday and Sunday.
Saturday looks like a beautiful sealpointed and Sunday a beautiful bluepointed.

1 week old :

2 weeks old :

Ziva is an exellent mommy. Lots of milk and lots of love for her twins.
The boys have very sweet personalities allready , so every little step of their social development is just a joy.
Both their parents has wonderful super-purring personalites.

Both the babies are sold.