December 18, 2016

4 weeks old sweethearts.

Another week older - and alot has happened the last week.

I had to go down in my basement to find the smallest kitten-run, because the boys had suddenly alot of energy, and a big bedroom is not so kitten-friendly for little babies.
It is actually a rabbit-run, so not so high.  Everything was great a couple of days, and mommy-Ziva was happy to have a safe place for them.
Both the boys are so active - they are acting like they are 1-2 w older in many cases.
That happend during this week as well.

The most wonderful thing the kittens know about is snuggling in my bed. They are crying loud if they hear me, and get so upset if I am not there to pick them up in just that second.
So of course we spend alot of time in my bed. Alot of kissing and they are running and jumping and are so happy. Ziva too - when they are tired she is laying in my arms feeding her boys.

One evening when it was time to put them back in the little run, I asked Ziva if she wanted to go out of my bedroom to stretch her legs a bit. Ziva was pleased and I opened the door.
Klonk! Mjaoooooo!! I turned around, and who had jumped over my little kittenrun? No other than little Mr Saturday. Both are so social, but he is the worst houdini ever.
I was just looking at him, then looking to the run . OMG , they are 3 w old and already climbing over!! I'd put him back, but he climbed over again. Purr purr purr, can I come too?
This run is always kitten-safe until they are at least 5 w old.
There were no other choises than go find my other big kitten-run in plexi.
So now are the kittens 100 % safe, and can not go outside it unless we come and pick those sweethearts out of it.

The bluepointed is trying to eat up little toys, and go sniffing on the water and food a little. The sealpointed are not interested unless there is a kiss involved.

Here are todays 4 w old pics.
"Saturday" is the smallest, but the most active, and since last week, he is still not photogenic like his brother. He can hardly not sit still either, so maybe it will be a nicer pic of him when he gets older?
In my little movies on FB you can see his type much better. Different from his brother, yes , but I love him.
PS : "Saturday" has been dancing in the waterbowl right before this pics were taken!

Saturday :

"Sunday" :

Together :

Next weekend it is Christmas.
This year I will have visit of Carolynn and the kids. It will be so cosy!!
Me and Carolynn has been so nice all this year, so Santa has some very special for us.
Maybe we will show it for you as well ;-)

A little bonus in the end.
Cookie is sleeping in my bed from time to time, so she has been watching the twins often.
Today they had a very short first time hello.
They will stay in my bedroom until January, but after that they will get to know Jesse and the other cats as well.
Auntie Cookie was nothing to be afraid of - love at first sight! Think it went the other way too.