December 26, 2016

Merry Christmas

 Merry Christmas.

Me and Carolynn  had some cosy days together, the cats and dogs love all the extra attention and that there are People around them all the time.
Ainur was also With us celebrating, and he is such a sweet boy.

It has been little time to make New kitten-pics this time. I have been working and then had guests.
They are so buisy doing naughtiness had has so many ants in their feet that they are hardly sitting still beside when they are eating or sleeping anyway :
They have grown a little bigger but are the same beautiful sweethearts.
And such clever boys !! Using their little baby-toilets from the second day.

We have actually another litter too in Our house , some beautiful oriental babies With amazing Clear pattern. They are 2 w old and very big. Their mama got cream in her milkbar !
The litter stayed alone With their mommy the first week, but after they were together With Ziva and her twins.  So now they are together again and love it.  They are one big happy Family With lots of love to give the bunch.

In January we will Write a very special story and of course update With new pics if the kittens agrees ;-)
We have no avalible kittens right now, but if you are looking for a pet cat, send us an email, preferly in Norway.

I will Return to the sofa With my dogs and watch another Christmas movie on TV

PS : My New PC is making tricks With me  - big letters suddenly comes when I'm  writing :-D