December 13, 2016

3 w old - counting down for Christmas

Another week has left us - and Ziva and Charlie's babies are one week older.
They are so adorable and funny - such big personalities already.

We have always good temper on our kittens, but there are also difference between them, as they got all individual personalites.
But this time , with those two twin brothers - they are something extra!!
So human oriented - they have been courius on us since they opened their eyes.
And now , 3 w old - they just love to be picked up, and they want to be with a human all the time unless they are sleeping or eating.If they not get their will - they let us know!
I asked  Charlie's breeder the other day about how Charlie was as a kitten.
Because  the sealpointed who look very much like their mother is extremly social and have real "horse power" in his feet :D
The blue pointed is a bit calmer, but just as sweet. This was the answer I got :D : "  Charlie was a little rascal" !
So we have to blame the father on the activity on one of them hi hi. The bluepointed look so innocent, but he is not far behind on charming naughtiness like his brother, but maybe he got a calm-gene from his mother ;-)

And here are the 3w pictures. It was not easy ,because they has other plans at that moment.


"Sunday : 

Together :

We have had so many people who were interested in a kitten after this combination before the kittens was born.
Sadly we couldn't please so many, since there were only born two.
Both the boys has future homes.
But me and Carolynn talked together tonight, and has decidet to make the combination one more time after the kittens are 3month old. So hopefully there will be a kitten for some of you who are willing to wait a little bit longer.

Christmas is comming ......

The days in December runs faster than the wind - it sure feels like it.
This year I decidet to have a Christmas tree. Orginally I had decidet not too, because we have always whild youngsters.
This year it is White Cover. She got her extremly naughtiness from her mother Nikita - who got it from her Auntie Emma. ( Hidalgo's sister).
But one day me and Carolynn went shopping , "my tree" was just infront of me. The store just forgot to put my name on it! :D
It is a fake black tree - how cool!
It was the last one in store, and they were so sweet that they let me buy it.

I'd put it up as soon as I came home, did also put led light on it - so the cats could get used to it.
They did not make any big eyes or paws on it, so it was just lightening up my livingroom.

A week later I opened the boxes with red Christmas Ornaments. Then they suddenly saw the Christmas tree with new eyes....

But belive it or not, White Cover did not break any of them, we have another naughty youngster in our house who is even more naughty than White Cover.

That naughty one looks very innocent , and he tried to look confused and said to me he tought it was red tennisballs!!

So now are all the red ornaments gone in the bottom of the tree - how strange hmm....
Maybe I will go buy some new one, but don't put them on before  the 23th of Dec.

This was all for now - but in a little week there will hopefully be a new update.