March 15, 2012

Our beautiful Ida is home

Short time ago, I went to Sweden to pick up our new girl.
It was so nice to meet the breeder and "Ida" was one of my dreams came true - again.
She is halfsister to Milla. Even Milla have very much from her motherline,you can see alot of similiar from the fatherline as well.
But there stops the similarities . Ida is everything her bigsister isn't.
She is the wildest little kitty I have ever seen. I have breed some of them in the past,but I think Ida gets the diploma of the wildest of them all. She have one on-botton and one off-botton. Thankfully she sleep at nights :-)
But all her naughtiness and couriosity gives us many many laughs every day.

She is a tortie in all her personlity and she know very well what she want or what she won't - but she is also a purring machine.

We love her supersilky fur,her deep and shiny blue eyes in her adorable face. She is very good looking and she knows it very well I think :-)
It will be exiting to see what the future might brings,but first we will enjoy her childhood.

Thank you so much, Lotta, for letting me have "Little Miss Naughty" - we are very greatful and promise to take good care of her.