January 27, 2012

3 weeks old

Time flies as usual in good company with 3 sweethearts who we just love to peaces.
They are very courius now, and hard to keep safe in the birthbox.
Actually this is the longest I have held any litters in a birthbox,but I think they will move in to the kitchen in our kittenrun sometimes before 4 w of age.

We have decidet to keep Voodoo Dancer. I hope and think he can give us much in our future breeding program.

The little tortie will either stay home or move to a friend. We know for sure in few weeks.

The charming siamese boy is still much much bigger than his siblings and have given me alot of greay hairs about his colour.
Some days he was blue,somedays he was seal, with a strange colour in his face and hardly nothing on his legs.
My conclution is that he must be smoke.
But only time will tell if I am right about it.

The kittens will be PRA testet this weekend,and then we will send the tests back to Australia.

Oh yes.....the pictures:-)