January 9, 2012

Kittens 1 day old

I hope  the camera and weather listen to my wish, so I can publish pictures every week.
We choose to put to sleep the smallest baby, so now they are 3 strong babies left.
Fayette has proven her birthline is the best, she is a fantastic mommy.
Milla who loves babies is always to be find in the birthbox. Fayette loves the company.

It has been 1 year since my last siamese litter,and I was so happy when the first boy was a siamese baby.
He was huge allready then,and are growing nicly. He loves the milkbar and hang around in every awake moment.
I think my big wish of a sealpointed will not be heard from the color fairy this time :-)
Maby blue og chocolate? Well, in few days we might see what he really is.

The girl is sometimes silverish, and sometimes just very colourful non-silver.
Patient is needet.

The last one is pure black and such a beauty.

All of them have strong chins, good lenghts and nice profiles, so I am courius of their development.

It's so nice to have babies in our home again, and I hope everyone who visit our blog also will enjoy their jurney  - from little innocent babies to naughty charmers in few weeks.

This litter is named after songs from Ozzy Osbourne - we went to a consert with him last Summer - a memory for lifetime,so we decidet some kittens had to have names from his songs in future.

The Ultimate Sin


Voodoo Dancer