January 14, 2012

Kittens 1 w old and a new stunning Russian lady

Today our babies are 1 w old.
They are very different in type and personalites and are just so much fun for all of us.
Milla is still very happy for her Auntie-babies and are close by them in every awake moment.
Fayette loves to have company in the birthbox.

All of them has opened their eyes,and they are so beautiful.

We got also a big big surprise today, from Russia.
A very nice friend over seas did buy me a very special doll.
I was just so happy, but it was really no need to buy me such an expensive doll.

It is Alla Veselova who runs both a Cattery and her own hobby butiq who is the artist behind my beautiful new amazing doll. If you want to see more of her work you can visit her page here : SHOP