January 7, 2012

Beautiful babies has been born

Early this morning they were ready to enter the world.
The birth went so easy, so Fayette is following her mother-line. That is so good to know,and it is also an important breeding qualitee.

4 babies - 3 boys and 1 girl.
One of the boys are very weak,so I think he will pass the rainbow brigde.
The others are big and strong.
Breeding are good times and sad times, but I am happy, if we can loose those who are not ment to be as early as possible,even it hurts.

Proud parents to this litter are the handsom red Russian :
Disco Dancer OSH d(24) and our black happy hurrican (N)Attack's Fayette OSH n(s).

These babies are probably not for sale any of them.

Here is the sia boy . He is the biggest,has a very long head and a very nice profile

Our black beauty who also have a nice profile and a very good chin.

The girl!! Who got all of the mothers qualitees. She is long all over, even her tail.

This is how a funny tortie tail can look like :-)