January 21, 2012

2 weeks old

Today are the babies 2 weeks old. Actually the siamese boy was born around exactly this time in the morning.
He was nr 1, and are still nr 1. He think he need most food, he want food all the time,he is the biggest and he got the strongest voice. Oh dear, he can scream. I wonder where he has that from? I belive his auntie, Fayette's sister. Because Fayette and Disco are very sweet cats with normal volume of their voice.

He will be a very talkactive charming little man when he grows :-)

And the girl, beautiful Fetisha. She had other plans this morning, than modelling for me. She is very much alike Fayette in her personality, a very sweet girl. She is very calm now,but that can change in few weeks. Maby she will be  the wildest one?
We love her colourful fur. Even orientals are born with their colour, torties change alot while they are growing. I wonder what she will look like in 10 weeks,how much red her coat will have.

And our blackie at last.
He is a middle thing between his siblings.Sometimes he is very silent,and sometimes he actually has something to tell - but still he is very calm, compearing with his brother. And we like that alot,since we consider him to stay home :-)