February 14, 2015

3 weeks with names + 12 days

Another week has passed.
All 10 kittens are growing well, and it's a joy every morning to wake up to watch and admire them all.
10 days between in age is a bit difference right now - they are changing alot day by day.
So watching the smallest babies and then go watching the oldest is like 2 different worlds. But time will go fast, and soon they will all be together  to eat, play and couddle.

It is two very different combinations, and the two litters are looking very different. But all of them are so wonderful - of course as a kitten-grandma I think that ;-)

Around 3 w of age our kittens names get official. And some breeders use letters,  but I made a choice when I started with my breeding to use themes. That is much more fun, at least my opinion :-)
There is a story behind the names for Misty's babies.
Me and Carolynn went to Denmark Summer 2014, and one evening we went out for some drinks. And we noticed the fun name on the bottle. Secret Fantasy. Wow, what a cool name - hmmmm. And plans was made, a perfect name for a kitten.
The next day we found lots of other cool names in a food store - there was actually 9 different bottles and names. ( And all tasted wonderful.)
But with 5 kittens we chose out 5 bottles and their names.

 So this litter is the "TEMPT litter" - names choosen from the TEMPT drinks.

Noone of the girls are for sale. 1 will move to another breeder and 2 will stay.
Their brothers are spoken for, but nothing is decidet, and 1 of them might be for sale later.

Here they are, Misty's colourful babies. First the boys, then the girls.

Seven Sins 

White Lies

Blue Desire

Dirty Passion

Secret Fantasy

And then the smallest babies, Jimmy's firstborns. He is living happy in Kristiansand, so grandma-Milla is reaching out a helping paw like she always does. Ozzie got so much milk to them,that they are looking like hairy sausages :D

We have decidet their names now, and another funny theme.
But it will be a secret one more week.
In this litter we don't know who will be avalible before they are 6 w old. But are you interested in any of them - you are welcome to contact us.

Boys first and girls last :

Bonus picture. Proud daddy to the right with best buddy, Leo.