February 4, 2015

12 days + new familymembers.

Misty's babies are growing, and getting more and more beautiful day by day.
I love pattern. Spots are closest to my heart, but I love classic as well.
In this litter we have a beautiful classic tortie girl, but during the first week I was a bit confused about some of the other babies as well - could more of them really be classic?
Not 100% sure, but close enough. The creme bico boy is classic, and probably the blue bico girl as well.
That is wonderful, and exiting for our future plans as well.

All the babies are still in option from this litter. I have so many kitten request on this litter - so time will tell if we will have any avalible. Maybe the boys.

Boys :

The girls :

On Monday we had our second litter this year.This will be Ozzie's very last litter.

One of the babies are very colourful - just like their mother.

More info next time the blog gets updated.