August 25, 2013

Back to normal days and a huge gift for the cats.

It was really wonderful to be back at work again.
I feel very sorry for them who don't have good enough health to manage to work and for those who don't have a work to go to.
At my work there is something different every day - and I meet alot of nice people.
On top of it, I have decidet to walk to my work - on every shift. Some people was almost in "chock" :-)) Not because of me , but most people take their car.
Well, I don't drive and my feets are working very well.  It is not that far. About 2.5km each way.
But after a good walk twice a day, and the hours at work it is very good to come home again too.

If someone was wondering if any of the girls has started to call now, the answer is still no.
I am hoping every day it will happen soon ,because I don't wish for kittens by the Christmas time.
Maby the girls has overheard me say I love to have kittens by Spring - so maby it is therfor they wait?
One thing is for for sure - it is hard to plan kittens and hope they want to cooperate with my wishes :-)

Milla is happy with her two "babies" :

Next weekend I will be visiting a local cat show in Kristiansand. With my camera - so maby there will be some nice pictures to show you. I know there will be alot of beautiful little oriental babies there. And probably some beautiful adults as well. I am very much looking forward to spend the weekend together with some of my very best friends.

Tiger will also go with me back home to his mommy next Friday.  We will miss him dearly - but I know his mommy is missing him even more.
With a new job and moving in to a new place she has been very buisy.
Tiger will come visiting us again - when it is time for a little romance with him and his girlfriends.
( Or if he need a babysitter. )
I made some new pictures of him ( again) and now his eyes has started to go back to green again. I am very happy about that. Oriental eye colour is a mysteria - they are often not finished before they are 2-3 years old. But this is looking good. Hopefully he will get back his wonderful green eyes he had as a kitten.
And he has still his big "MCO" chin! Same as his mommy, Milla. Just love it!

Has it happend something else here during the week? Yes!!!
From time to time we need to change the cat's climbing trees - they don't last forever.
But finding one I really really love - that was not easy.
Because I wanted something with much to scratch on, not alot of sleeping places.
If they want to sleep they choose the sofa anyway.
I had almost given up my search. I don't know yet if we are able to visit WW-show in Denmark later, so I could take a look there for THE one. Think I am maby too picky?
But suddenly the right one was just an hour away from me.
And what a service!  2 very nice people delivered it on my door, and helped me to place it.

What did the cats think of it? Well, it was really my very best buy in a long time. They loved it!!
And it is 2.5m high, lots to scratch on, inside and outside. And if they want to take a nap , there is a cosy place in the bottom as well.

This is what I am talking about :

So a huge huge thank you from me and all the cats. Thank you for letting us buy this wonderful,different and fun climbing post!

Next update will be with a little news from the cat show in Kristiansand - if not my camera sudden just want to show you something in a hurry - you never know :-)