August 4, 2013

Bico and Hidalgo

Finally I'd manage to make pictures of Hidalgo, when he has actually have time to lay down.
Our BIG , beautiful couddling "puma" ! He does actually reminds me a little of Milla , but most of his father, Charly of course. We love his development.

Bico who went home on Friday was also beeing photographed the last vaccation day. He has also develped so so nice. He is a copy of his father in almost everything.
He will soon go trough a special health check again - because we have a little feeling he is maby not sick anymore. But better to check it, than wondering - and if it will be good news, I know some teenagers who will get thrilled. Me too.
It was a pleasure as always to babysit him, but it is very silent here, after he left.
I will soon go and kiss him again - so I will hardly get the chance to miss him.