July 30, 2013

Father and son

It is always such a great pleasure to babysit "Bico". He is so easy - always "happy go lucky" with humans and animals.
On Friday he will be moving home again. With his daddy as company.
My wish this week came true - to make pictures of  father and son. Most of the time they are high and low with tons of energy - it is hard to sit still, you know ;-)
They are so much alike in alot.

2 bonus pictures at last. The postman has arrrived with lots of new catbeds this week, and the lilac little snugglebag was a big hit.  It had to be a tortie to show the others  they actually can sleep inside it as well as on the top :-)

We have bico-plans for 2014 and maby these two green-eyed could be a nice couple ? Well, time will show.