July 3, 2013

Cat-Show in Arendal

Few days ago there were a cat-show in Arendal.
Because of my own healthproblems we had no plans of enter any of our cats at the show. But when my health got better there was places left, but some of the cats was really not in their best health conditions - after eating catfood for kittens :-))  Think they are just happy to have the possibility to relax and act lazy in the sun. Not a bad choice :-)
There is some new cat-shows a little later, but we are hoping we can enter one in March next year with cats. Now we want to have kittens - when the girls want to call ;-)

But we went to the cat-show  - visiting good friends on Sunday.
We thought there were plenty of time to make photoes of the cats AND hugs,laughs and talks with good friends - but for just this day - a very seldom thing happend. The panel was planned very early because of the jugdes had to reach an early flight home.
I am sure many of those who did enter the show with cats were very happy for that.  I hope new arragements can learn from that - then people are not so tired on Monday :-)

So therefor I did not manage to make so many pictures I wanted. But another time we will visit a show much earlier.
I had with me the wrong extern-blitz also for the camera - but we made some pictures anyway.

I had the chance to meet an extremly beautiful seychelloise girl. Still a youngster - but allready a well known girl.
Her name is Coco Chanel's Miss Ugly. She is a lilactabby harlequin SYS. Own and breed by Caroline Stoa.
And she is even more beautiful in real!!  Very big - but she had not lost her elegance.
I would love to sneak her inside my photopurse - but this girl is a real mommy's girl with a STRONG voice - so we would have been busted a long time before we had the chance to escape with the cat in the car :-)))
Anyway - here she is :

And if you have a profile on Facebook - you can see lots of other pictures of her here :
Coco Chanel's Miss Ugly SYS c 02 21

And a mixed album with a few others at the cat-show here :
Various pictures from the Cat Show.

Since the show is very near by my friends home - where I had a short holiday - we took with us 4 friends at the show as well.
2 of them was of course not inside , but we spent alot of time outside where they got lots of attention.
And one of them was Hidalgo - Emmas full brother who is living in Kristiansand.
He is a pure joy to bring with us everywhere. So sweet and calm. Everything is so exiting for him.

Hidalgo is now 10 month old ,and is a huge cat for his age. Long, full of muscles, high on legs and has developed very very well. He has always been beautiful - but it is fun to see how it will end in time.
I hope really he has stoped growing - he is huge as a horse - now he can continue to develop the rest.
We are very proud of him.

This was the news for now. Hopefully some more Summer-pics outside on the porch soon while we are waiting for the girls to call. Tiger with his harem, his mother and his friend.