June 23, 2013

Birthday celebration and green green eyes

It is a great pleasure to look at Dinky's green eyes , so I think he should show them to you as well.

We did celebrate our Ozzie's 1 year old birthday few days ago - and the cats had so much fun.
New catbed and a new toy. All catowners should have an Undercover Mouse. It can be found in many pet stores or Ebay. And Ozzie loved to be nr 1 the whole day. She is a real mommy-cat and can be find allways around my feet or my lap. Talking or purring - depends. But she is for sure a big talker.

And little Emma at last - who is not so little anymore. Sudden she startet to grow alot, and have soon the same zize as Ozzie.
Emmas personality is so great in every way. Always happy, sweet, playful - but at the same time she got really "ADHD". 'it is like having a motor-running around high and low - because she is purring constantly - even in her sleep.

We will soon mate Emma and Ozzie with Tiger - and that is something we are really looking forward to.
2 girls who are really different in their personalities - but they fit eachother perfectly and are the best friends in the world.
I love them both very much.
But how their future babies will turn out to be in their behaviour - together with Tiger who is a real "Gentle Giant"....hmmmm.  Last time we used a male with that personality ( our sweet "Secret" from England) we had an extremly naughty but fun litter!