August 14, 2013

Autumn is right around the corner.

Summer came and left so fast - as usual. It has been a lovely Summer, but I love the Autumn too.
The colouring changing outside, colder evenings, tea time,books and the cosy fireplace.

Soon I will start my normal days again - after stayin home for a half year. That's very long - too long for me. But hopefully my health will stay normal now. I am very much looking forward to work again, but I am not sure the cats will think the same. Especially Ozzie. She is my 100% biggest fan. But she got her 4-legged best friends around her, so I am sure it will go ok :-))

Our girls wanted a real Summer holiday, so some sweet offspring - well, plans will hopefully change to expecting during the Autumn.
We have some really good news, but now will maby the plans be change.  2 healthy brothers are much better than only one!

Our beautiful little bicolour boy, the only bicolour in the litter between Dinky and Milla has been checked again. And all our worries are all gone.  He had a huge infection going on his his body - and when that was discovered he was treated - and now he is 100% healthy.
The best news is of course he will have a long happy life. But since he is healthy we also want to use him in our breeding programme. After that he will be neutred. His father will still be fertile.
So now we really don't know who we want to use for our youngest girls on their first litter - time will tell. It will be "Bico" or Tiger. Tiger will be kept fertile a long time still.
So therfor - when you look at our plans - they do look a little strange at the moment :-)
"Bico's" pedigree will be placed under "Males" - ASAP :-)

This blog will of course be updated,but with my work, school for my son, and kittens just held as plans for the moment - it will not be so much to write about.
Boys who came on holiday visit while their human mommy was spending a week in England, and boys who went home again. But we will have visit of them again ,for sure.

I have bought a very funny thing for my girls - so that I will show you when it arrives :-)