September 12, 2013

Anyone who want a cup of tea? Limited only :-))

Hi you all.

I have been very buisy since the last time I'd updated my blog.
Lot of working.
The kitten-plans has been change - and we hope for matings soon - if the girls want to call.
We have chosen to use Hidalgo first, before Tiger - since he is extremly fertile.
There is a huge difference between them. Tiger must be a cousin of Garfield the Cat ;-)
Hidalgos sister, Emma will have her litter a little later. We hope Ozzie and Milla will be able to have their litters close.

I had a wonderful time as always in Kristiansand.
Tiger was happy to come home again to his human mommy - and is back to his old habits.
One of them is drinking water of glasses placed on the table ;-)

Friday was spent home with C and her family and Saturday we was at the local cat show.
There was sadly not so many siamese and oriental cats - but those who came had lots of charm and some were very beautiful as well.

Here is one of the cats - who charmed the jugdes and he charmed me as well. Such a funny and sweet baby boy. And beautiful as well :

For more pictures you need a Facebook account :
Pictures from Sørak Cat Show

And....... we wanted so much kittens soon. It has been over a year since the last litter were born at our home.
And our wish came true ;-)
2 little house cats - probably at the time just 4 weeks old was found in the middle of the road.
A friend was walking with his dog one evening and heard some sad sounds in the grass.
Someone has just dumpt them there :-(
When I heard about them, I wanted to take care of them.
We have given them medicine for worms , for their ears and a regular Vet. check.

They learned fast to use the litterbox and was very hungry. Needet some bath in the start.
Now our kitchen looks like a little kindergarden :-))
Both a blue and white with a pattern and so fluffy!! And they have a very sweet temperament both of them.

Emma was a bit jelouse in the start, but it is getting better. She has never been mean to them.
Ozzie think they are very cool. Milla think they are sweet but strange. Shall kittens really have so much fur?
So those two little girls will need a permanent good home later. If you know about a suitable home, let me know.
They will leave our home with lots of love and are treated like all our cats and kittens.