December 17, 2013

It is soon Christmas

December is always going too fast. But I have it under control, I think ?
Some more cleaning of the house, shopping the rest of the food and wrapping in the rest of the gifts.
This Christmas we will have the house full. Full of friends and some of the boys on 4 legs.
I am looking very much forward for it. My friend C with 2 of her kids, and a auntie from England and of course Tiger,Hidalgo and Sonny.
The day after Christmas we will have even more guests. Dinky and Chai's human parents will come on dinner.
Then some working days in the middle and together again by New Years Eve.

The kittens are growing too fast. Now we are in the middle of the potty training. They are all doing great. And they eat solid food. A very easy learning litter.
Of course one of them has tried some times to climb over my little kitten yard in the kitchen as well. I hope I can convince them to stay there another week - but time will tell. If not we have little kitchen monsters around our feet - and all humans has to start to walk strange to avoid stepping on any little furry 4.legged.

It has'nt been so many pictures of this litter,because it is not easy to take any nice one this time of the year. I need good outdoor light.
But today we tried to take some Christmas pictures. The only one who enjoyed that was the little redhead - he think he is the gift to any camera - my little sweetheart.

I made some, but then there came a big problem. How to place something red,black,spotted and a tortie together in one card?The Christmas card. I gave up!
But the single-pictures were sweet anyway.

Here are some of them. 4.5 on the pictures.

And as a bonus picture this time. Look how much alike Fortuneteller is her daddy Hidalgo around the same age - 4 w old. Daddy is the one to the left :