December 15, 2013

3 "brothers".

I had a great time,visiting the boys in Kristiansand.
As soon as I came inside the door I met of course Tiger and Hidalgo. But the newest little brother was nowhere to be found.
He came after a while. But he had the sweetest dreams and was still sleeping in Carolynn's bed.
Can men be sleeping beauties? :-)
Since Sonny had a long good nightsleep he had lots of energy to let out.
Puuuurrrrrr kiss kiss puuuurrrrr, and the show was on. So happy and outgoing and with "fleas in his butt" - just as a normal happy kitten shall have of course.
I was a bit worried if it would be time to make some few pictures , would there be a short time he had time to sit still?

In few moments I manage to take some pictures- wow!
The light is not the best this time of the year - so the pictures are not the best. But they can be used and be shown.
It will be plenty of time later to make better pictures.

It has been a strange journey with the boys. And we feel so lucky to find a 100 % match! They are so much alike eachother in many ways.
Tiger is the one who is the calmest, Hidalgo is the blondest and little Sonny is still a baby - but he got the same "happy go lucky" gene, don't know what stress is and with a super temper.
So the trio couldn't been better.
It took not long time before they was best friends either. 1 day.
Both Hidalgo and Tiger loves their new baby. Sonny has also started to suckle on Tiger - and Tiger think he is the new mommy :-)) A "gene" he got from his mommy, Milla. Can never be enough kittens around him to love!

So I am so happy and pleased myself too - for further breeding. They are beautiful, they got nice pedigrees and fantastic temper. I am so greatful to have such nice fertile males.

Little prince charming.

Super profile!

It is hard to sit still when all you want to do is play and kiss.

His strong red colour,