January 3, 2017

Kitchen monsters 3+ 6 w

The 1th of January all the babies and mothers moved down in to the kitchen.
At first the siamese babies thought it was bit rude of me  because then it was over with the jogging in my bed, biting my toes and attacking my hair while I tried to sleep ;-)

Me on the other hand, had a real beautylseep for the first night in a long time that night.

Now it is time to get to know new smells and new sounds.

When the babies are sleeping both Ziva and Dotty are very helpfull when I am making food. Don't know how I would make it without them ;-)

The siamese twins are starting to taste more and more different solid food. The seal boy is less picky, the blue prefer only raw.  When I introduced them for cottage cheese yesterday "Sunday" tought I was joking.

The oriental babies are only drinking their mother's cream, and are fat and happy. Don't think they have any rush in starting to taste solid food in the next couple of weeks.

It will be a short update this time, but I made 3+6 w pictures of the babies on Sunday as I promised.

The siamese twin brothers first. As  usual the blue love making pics, the seal has seldom time to sit still when it is boring things to do.

6 weeks old


And then the smallest babies - who looks like big fat seals with wonderful pattern .

3 weeks old

Girls :

Boys :

Daddy to the left, son to the right. At the moment they looks very similar.

I will try my very best to make new pics during the weekend.
Now it's time to go to work.