January 15, 2017

Freedom ! 5+8 w old

A lot has happened in a week and that is thanks to the siamese twin boys!!
They find always a way to climb out of the kitten run, so I decidet to take it away.
They ran out on the kitchen floor having fun, but it resulted in a stressed Dotty who like to have all the babies in one place :D Then she started to carry over her babies, and they were not satisfied to get away from their favorite bed.
I know it was a risk, because the smallest had not started yet to use the litter boxes.

They have now had their freedom in some days, and guess what? All of them use the litter boxes like the most natural thing in the world.  So good babies, I am amazed.
The siamese babies were also early to use to litter boxes, 3 w old and maybe 2 or 3 accident in total.

Today some of the smallest tasted solid food for the very first time.
Hoops-a-Daisy,Golden Wishes and Ray of Sunshine was not impressed, but I am sure they are in few days.

So now we really have to watch our feet when we are in the kitchen. There are little sweethearts everwhere.

Hi sisters, please come down, I feel so lonly!!

 Normally we can never trust our sister, she is so naughty, so we have our doubts !

Oh no..... we should have listen to our inner voice,,,,,,

There is a huge different in kittens that are 3 w older. It so so wrong to compear, so I try not to.
But the siamese boys has both a special place in my heart.  They are super naughty but so charming and loving and outgoing. All my kittens gets wonderful personlities during their 12 first weeks , but these two boys was super social from the day they opened their eyes.

In these days they are so helpful when I swap up pellets from the floor. It is hard to wait on canned food, so then I have often 2 kittens trying to climb up my pants, and I hope my pants is not ending on my knees :D

And they demands to be picked up and get a million kisses!!
(Very good roll modells for the osh babies, they look up to their big brothers and copy them.
So I need always an half hour extra in the kitchen every morning, before I go to work, since there is so many who demands kisses :-))

And always ready for a good belly rub :

Both Dotty and Ziva are tired to have a 24/7 open milkbar and hope they will all soon eat solid food, so the milkbar can have daily breaks.

I can't help smiling , look at the moms faces!!

And the babies just keep comming ....

You can borrow my mommy, so auntie Dotty can get some rest.

Motherhood is hard work!!

And this weeks single shots.

The siamese boys first - 8 w old :

And the orientals  - 5 w old :