January 29, 2017

7+10 weeks old

Today the kittens were aloud in to the smallest livingroom, and they all tought it was so fun.
Dotty on the other hand, think the kitchen was enough place for her wild babies :-)) She tries her best to be a strict mommy, but then you have Ziva who is the totally oposite, so Dotty has to give up her project a bit.

We usually have the toilets in the basement, where the adult cats can go down there by a flapdoor.
But of course when there is little kittens, there is plenty of toilets avalible for them on the 1.floor.
I can only find 1 minus with it, and that is all the pellets that seems to multiply on the floors.

I have still left an old box where the is a toilet inside. And all the kittens thought that was a exiting thing. In one point the kittens had to stay in line to use it.

After a week with alot of working, it has not been so much time to make so many pictures of their daily life, but hopefully it will be better next week.
The next week will be a time to get to know the other cats better and also the dogs. Depends alot on Dotty , but she has acepted Cookie.

The siamese boys - already 10 weeks old.

And the orientals - 7 weeks old.

Christian is FOR SALE

Look at this lovely belly  :

During the last week, little Ray decidet he was old enough to eat solid food too. He still eat recovery food by a syringe twice a day, but that is only because there is still a bit left.
We are so happy, he eat dry,raw and wet. But his favorite is raw. He has grown alot after he decidet to eat on his own and we think he is such a beautiful little boy.