January 22, 2017

Restaurant 6+9 weeks old.

The kittens are such a joy, and it is a fun period in this age. All have learned the litter boxes, so the only extra work for me is to clean them daily.
They are such good friends even there is 3 w appart from the youngst and oldest kittens.
My keeper girl Golden Wishes prefer to play with the siamese twins. She don't look like a fat guinea pig like she did when she was 2 and 3 w old, but she is very mature in her head. So she learn all the boys' naughty tricks , and they love sharing their knownlegde... :D

And look!! I asked my mother if she had an extra radio in her house, and she found actually my old record/CD player that has radio on it too.
That is an old good one!
But it is still working, and the kittens get different music and radio talk shows during the days while I am at work.
I have not so many options than keeping them in my kitchen, because my house is cold during Winter. ( Of course the house gets cosy and warm when we light up the fireplace, but that is when I am not at work. )

Today the kittens got to taste their own raw food from the Norwegian brand "Vom og Hundemat". Until now they have eaten a little of Cookies food.
But this one is for cats and kittens and got the right nutrition .

The liked it very much.
But of course there is always one in the litter who is picky!
Little Ray of Sunshine - he was not 100% convinsed today.

All the others are eating well of solid food now. Raw,wet and dry.
But little Ray was suddenly the smallest and he needet solid food too.
He has never ever been a bottle baby, but he loves beeing treated like a little prince. And he runs at me screaming when he is hungry.
So just in few days he has started to grow like his siblings, so I am sure in a short time he will be like them again.

Yum Yum!!

Goatmilk mixed with some recovery food from the Vet - he loves it. But I am sure , one day I will find him in the food bowl together with his siblings. He just need more time.

Making the weekly pictures are harder and harder every week. We have two who loves making pictures, but the rest don't have time.
Today I waited until they had played a long time and had eaten, but they still weren't tired.

The siamese twins will not go by Mr. Saturday and Mr. Sunday any longer. Today they have nice pedigree names.

Saturday Night Live and Sunday Morning Blue . Perfect names for the lovly twins.

And here they are - 9 w old.

And Tiger and Dotty's 6 babies - now 6 w old  :

The blackspotted oriental boy is looking for his forever  home by the way.
Just send us an email if you are interested.

Many thanks to my wonderful Cookie for hard work watching the babies for me . while I was making pictures :-)) You did get to give some of them a award kiss after.