January 7, 2017

Hello babies !

This weekend Jesse were finally aloud in to the kitchen to adore the babies. He has been real curious the whole week because he has heard them, but not seen anything because the doors were closed.
We have to take it with baby-steps, since also Dotty needs to get to know our big gentle dogs.
As long as the kittens are in the kitten-run it's ok, and she sees that Ziva aren't afraid of them also.
I don't want any of the kittens to get afraid of Cookie and Jesse, and I want certainly not Dotty to get so mommy-protectiv that she will hurt the dogs in any way.  But it is going very well.
Cookie slept in the same room ( my bedroom ) every night for weeks, and she got used to her very fast.

The siamese boys are often taken out of the kittenrun to have fun in the whole kitchen, so they were tired when I brought Jesse and Cookie in to the kitchen.
But that didn't stop the "Duracell" seal siamese boy!
He loves Cookie so much and was thrilled over to see 2 dogs there.
So he climbed over to say hello to Jesse as well.

I made some new pics of the babies as well, but it was not my lucky day.
My camera like so much better Spring and Summer :-))

Anyway , here are the siamese boy now 7 weeks old.

And our smallest now 4 w old.

The boys

And the girls :

New update next weekend :-)