February 4, 2017

8 + 11 w old - we will keep a special boy.

Winter - has been gray outside all week. Gray will it also be in the weekend, so it is not easy to make pics of the kittens at all.
Do I miss the sun? Yes!
This week the quality of the pics are terrible.
Thankfully they are all beautiful in real.

The kittens has been in the smallest livingroom for a week now, and they love it.

They are getting to know my other females little by little. And Cookie of course, she is visiting them often.
Jesse has to wait some more weeks, because I am afraid of his weight. Jesse think he has the same size as the kittens tough ;-) Fantasy and White Cover is snuggling with him all the time, so he get the chance to kiss cats when he wants.

The fireplace is active all the time I am home from work, and noone complains ;-)

There has been a big change this week.
We have decidet to keep little Ray in our breeding program instead of Georgia.
It has been lots of thinking back and forth, because Geogia has always been my favorite nr 2. She is everything her sister Golden Wishes isn't. She is super elegant.
Their sister Daisy is probably the most flashy right now.

But we love little Ray, he has amazing spots, is a very elegant little boy and he has a beautiful profile.
We don't know if their daddy want to mate another girl in the future, maybe we have to wait another new 5 years? A little joke, but you never knows, it are the cats who decide the rules in the end. And Tiger has his own special rules.
And if their daddy will have a longer break, his son can actually be used for all of girls, beside his sister of course.

I love all the kittens in this litter, and I am so happy for them.
Rays profile below.

Together with their beautiful mommy :

4 of them will continue in different breeding programmes, and 2 will have wonderful pet homes.
There has not been decidet yet where Christian will move, so you are free to contact us if you think you have the right home for him.
Beautiful Amber has a very good home waiting for her in Bergen.

Here they are 8 weeks old :


And the siamese brothers , my two favorite siamese kittens :-))
11 weeks old - I can't understand where the time went by.
They will soon move to Carolynn, and not long after that they are gone to their new homes.
Awful to think about, I mean that they will soon leave me. I will miss them dearly.

As last week, Saturday is not lucky with his pic. But it is not easy to have a brother who is always nice on pictures either.
Saturday got a special elegance like his mother has, and he has super super short coat. And he is wonderful irritating super naughty! My climbing monky,
Sunday has in my opinion a bit long coat, but many blue siamese struggle with that. He is for the most of the time very polite and sweet and knows better how to behave :-) And did you know he will get a special brother in his new home? A St.Bernard!! He will have ALOT of new brother.

Yep, this was all for now.
New update in a week or so.