February 18, 2017

Tiger and Dotty's babies are now 10 w old

Another week, and already 1 week older.
Not long until they shall meet their father for the first time. But there is no rush for them to travel to daddy yet, since their siamese "brothers" is getting ready for their new homes soon. One of them got its rabies vaccine yesterday, and the other has booked an apointment at the Vet for his neutering in end of this month.

Today is Carolynn visiting us again, and the siamese tvins will join us as well. It is good for them to get used to driving car and I really don't mind having them on a night-visit , because I miss them.

We have had some really cold Winter days here - almost minus 20 in the mornings, and now is the temperatures on the + side again, so all the snow is smelting. Typical South-Norwegian Winter.  I am counting down for Spring ;-)

The oriental babies thrives in the smallest livingroom, but we have sometimes visit of some of them in the biggest livingroom.
As long as Dotty is with us, we have to keep the livingrooms appart, since she is still not 100% safe on the dogs. But that is not a problem for the kittens, then they are visiting the dogs instead.
Cookie is always gentle, but Jesse tries his very best. I am always close by when he is with the babies. He has still not understand his size difference compeared to them , and all he want is to play,kiss and couddle.
Both my dogs are so friendly and loving, so with lots of supervision, of course they can be a little together. The more love the better.

10 w Pictures


And look , all 6 together.

Not much News to write about this week, but just waint until next weekend. I got a beautiful little surprise. :-)