February 25, 2017

11 weeks old + Pepsi

Today it is 1 w since 1 Pepsi moved in to us, and it has been a joy since day 1.
She is so happy go lucky - fit perfectly in to our group of friendly cats.

I have always had a special love for solid black torties, but it has been some time since we had one in our home.  The last tortie we breed moved to US- and really - I wished I could clone her, so we could have one at our home as well.
So then we decidet to go look for a new tortie again.
It had to be a nice girl of course, but with a new pedigree for us. There were some beautiful torties here and there, but either it was the pedigree or their were silver. Silver is beautiful, but it is not the right thing for our cattery.
I had spottet Pepsi at her breeders HP many times, at so many times I tought maybe I should email her.
But one day, may weeks later I did that - and now she is with us. We are so greatful that little Pepsi could move in to us knowing so many wanted her.
THANK YOU, Linda ,for the wonderful little babygirl.

Pepsi is a little love bug, and it is easy to love her - even all the cats said that.
She snuggle up with everyone, and Ziva has adopted her as her new baby. That was not a surprise , Ziva loves all babies, regardless where they comes from.

And if any breeders are concerned about viruses and so, well she has been at the Vet and made many health tests before she moved to us. Then stayed some time with Carolynn. Carolynn picked Pepsi up herself, and come to her breeders home ,were everything was lovely. Pepsi comes from a clean home and only lived with healthy cats.
Our homebreed kittens got their first ( nasal) vaccine in the age of 6 and 9 w.

Last weekend we decidet that little Ray should move to Carolynn some weeks earlier than planned.
He is our little picky boy, so he need a kitchen that is open more regulary than here. ( I am working alot in periods)
His Daddy Tiger adopted him right away, and he can play also with Ziva's siamese boys who is still at Carolynn's home.
I miss little Ray, he is still a little by size, but he has a big heart of gold.

The other sibligs are  home making alot of naughtiness.
They are now running freely around in the first floor and loves it.
Cookie loves playing With the babies and Jesse too.

We have put back our exellent gate in the kitchen, so all the kittenfood is safe from always hungry dogs ;-)

Think it is good that Pepsi joined us, because now they can snuggle two and two , so Daisy don't
need to split herself ;-)

And the two most naughty siblings sticks together :

And now the 11 w pics :