February 9, 2017

9+12 w - Bye bye siamese babies.

In just few days the kittens are 9 and 12 weeks old.
I am just updating a few days  before this time, because I will be working this weekend.
It takes alot of time to make pictures of 8 wild kittens who has better things to do, than sitting still, so I want to have the few hours  daytime with the dogs this weekend instead. And then there is lot of snuggle time for the babies when I come home from work, since I never go to bed early.

On Monday both the siamese boys will be leaving me :-(
They are 12 w old, and got the first Vet appointment in Kristiansand the same day.
Nicholas is bringing them safe by the train in the early morning, before he is on his way to his school.
Carolynn will be meeting them, and then it is time for her home to get a little happy gray hairs :D
But I will for sure miss them, dearly.
They are so sweet and funny and loving, so they will both forever have a huge pawprint in my heart. Some kittens are just extra special , and those two boys are that kind of kittens.
Only one thing to say , lucky future owners.

(Mommy Ziva will continue to help Dotty with her babies and the siamese babies will get alot of love,attention and learning from Tiger,Ainur and CO - we never ship them out to new owners 12 w old. )

12 weeks old :

Yesterday the kittens, and the dogs got a huge box of the postman.
It was alot of wetfood, but there were snacks and toys in it too.
The new kitten playpen became very popular.

The dogs got a huge pk with Buffalo ears and was very greatful.
Fantasy loves dogtreats and understood it right away when I opened it, and she came down from my bedroom in a second.

The orientals 9 weeks old :

Our Christian is still looking for his forever home. We got alot of inquires but it hasn't been the right one yet.

If you consider an oriental cat from us :

Do you know the breed? They are special, actually the best ;-) They are active,playful,naughty,helpful,talkactive,funny and charming and loving. They stick to the family and their friends often like glue.
We want our kittens to have another cat friend in the household, preferly an active type.
Kept indoors or outdoors in safe enviroments if the temperatures are nice.
Beeing a part of the family.

Christian is a happy purring boy with amazing clean pattern, if you would like a little mini-leopard ;-)