March 30, 2015

8 weeks and 9 weeks... and Stich

This week have been very buisy. Eat,sleep,work and some hours left for kitty-couddling.
One more day, and then there is Easter holiday.
I manage to make new pictures yesterday.

The smallest litter has a funny thing going on. We are wondering big time now if there is a "Stich" well hidden in their pedigree?
I never get one nice pictures of  "Blondie" or "Hazed". Every time my camera are around them, they get "Stich-ears" :D But we love our little Stich-wannabes dearly.

They have also the whole house to run and play in now. When there are 2 litters, and one litter are 10 days older - the biggest learn the smallest alot of stuff - like climbing over my little "fences".
But everyone is  totally litter trained now - so it is ok.
They have been in the second floor as well, but they are for the most in the 1.floor.

But they are so sweet and happy.
And every day when I come home from my work they are running to the door to welcome me home.
All 10 and all 10 are talking and purring - and tries to climb up my leg, of course all 10 at once - I feel very much loved:-))

Newest thing this week is that our two charming red and cinnamon boys after Ozzie and Jimmy - they are so lucky. They will have a forever home together.

Yesterday it was not easy to make any pictures. Think they did have a long siesta while I were at work, so when I came home they wanted to jump around and play. But I am sure it will be better pictures next time :-)

8 weeks old :

9 weeks old :


At last some pictures of our beautiful SYS boy , we are very exiting what we can expect from him in the future.
He has developed in to a very handome young boy, Huge, but so elegant and with lovely eyecolour,
And he has a temper who just has to be experienced. Purr pur purr.