April 3, 2015

Almost 9 and 10 weeks old

The weeks feels like passing by too fast. It is 10 weeks since our first litter this year was born. Maybe it's the weather?
Both us and the cats loves the sunny weather.
If the temperatures get a bit higher during next week, it will be the right time to get the porch ready for this Spring and Summer.
I was thinking about doing it today, but it is still cold wind outside.
It will be fun to see what the kittens think about that.

So for now they are doing their sunbathing inside - but loving that as well. 

We will actually just keep the litters together one more week. Then the smallest litter will move to Carolynn.
We decidet it that way, since my two keepers are i the biggest litter.
Then we will start the vaccine program with my lokal Vet this time. We are not using the Felo-Vax vaccine anymore, and then it is the best for the kittens to split up. Alive vaccine is best to be given when there is no smaller unvaccinated kittens around.
The smallest kittens will start their vaccine program after the age of 3 month. 

It is very different this time to have 10 kittens - compearing to last year with 11 kittens.
Last year it felt like having 22 kittens running around doing naughtiness, but this time it feels like 5.
Strange how genes can be different.
Last year it was Dinky-babies and Hidalgo babies. Dinky is a real monkey, and so was his children. The activity from Hidalgo's babies came from his sister, Emma.

Oh well, here is this week pictures.

Jimmy and Ozzie's furry family first :

And Chai and Misty's furry family :

These two might want to start in the model-buisness later?

And my chubby little blue helper, who is always 2 steps behind me :

Happy Easter everyone.